Few good reasons why to make Trip to India from UK

Food, defined culture diversity and strong historical background plays prominent role in making you to make a trip to India from UK.

India being an eminent personality has a lot of different shades. It ranges from the grand Himalayas in the north to the coastal peaceful villages of the south. This country has a good number of historical cities which represent the strength of its historical background. It gives exceptional experience to tourist as this land of wonder is offering something new every day.

Mesmerizing landscape, splendid History, hazy mountains beauties are the prime reasons to visit this place. While making Tour packages to India traveler also like to know about the culture, people and different festivals mostly throughout the year.

Scenic beauty is not sufficient to attract the travelers or tourists. There has to be few other factors as well to drag the attention of travelers towards any destinations. According to surveys food plays an important role to make a positive impact on any traveler’s mind whether he is a foreigner or a domestic traveler. India has countless number of tastes, recipes and flavors to offer. It is the country where even language changes in every after 25 kilometers, one can connect to this with food habits and tastes.

Here, in this article we will talk more about food and the famous places for which India has always been talked about especially by the foreign travelers. According a survey, people who are looking for Tour packages to India are mostly interested to know about the historical culture and Food. In terms of food every direction of India be it North, South, East and West this country has variety of options to serve and make their eating experience to be the best each time.

Let’s start with the capital of the nation New Delhi (aka Delhi). It is situated in the Northern part of India and this part of India has list of succulent food items. Delhiis surrounded by Punjab and this state has a lot of importance in the history and acts like supermarket for food lovers where one goes and gets lost what to eat what not to. These two places share more or less same kind of food habits be it vegetarian or non- vegetarian. Internet has a long list of famous good eateries, small food joints and even luxurious restaurants. Many of these eateries in Punjab and New Delhi have history of generations. It gets pass from one generation to another. Close to Delhi we have Rajasthan known for its ultimate background of kingdoms and warriors. If one hasn’t tasted the chili rich spicy food of Rajasthan, he is indeed missing something.

Likewise this has a same specialty in the rest of the directions. South India is known for its Temples and spices and tasty flavors of foods. Kerala has famous backwater which is a part of still river is again famous for its Houseboat trip.

East India is the perfect combination of Nature, Peace, purity and fresh foods. One can simply say that he has witnessed heaven after coming to North East states.

Story of west India starts from the historical importance to recent developments touching all the fields of life.

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