Get these Different Types of Massage from our Massage Therapist in Toledo OH

Therapeutic and massage needs not only varies from person-to-person but also from day-to-day. Each type of massage is offered with its unique style and feature, hence offering their specific benefits. At Select Salon Studios—an upscale and luxurious salon studio offering salon professionals a chance a start their own salon business, you meet with some of the best massage therapists in Toledo OH ready to give you appropriate training and guidance you need to become a successful salon pro yourself.

Swedish massage
A Swedish or a simple massage is the most common type you get to see in US. Therapists use kneading, long smooth strokes, and circular movements on muscles using mostly lotion and oil. This massage is very gentle and relaxing in nature.

Aromatherapy massage
In aromatherapy massage more than one type of scented oils are used together to cater specific needs. The oils are selected based on the customer’s requirements to get relaxed, stress-free, energized, etc. One of the most commonly used scented or essential oil is lavender.

Aromatherapy massage is normally used to get rid of stress-related conditions and emotional aspects.

Hot stone massage
In this therapy, hot and smooth shaped stones are placed on certain parts of the body to release tension between stiff muscles and balance energy centers. Therapists often apply a gentle pressure with stones to spread warmth on the area. This massage is ideally preferred by customers who require muscle tension release with a light massage.

Deep tissue massage
This therapy is targeted on deeper layers of tissues and muscles. Massage is done by using slow strokes and friction techniques across the muscle grain. This massage is normally used for painful muscles, posture problems, repetitive strains, and recovering from injury purposes. People often stay with a feeling of soreness after a couple of days of massage due to its after affects.

Sports massage
Sports massage is typically for people involved in some kind of sport or any other extreme physical activity. Not necessarily you have to be a professional athlete, but someone with a normal workout routine can also get this massage. Unlike other massages that focuses on muscle relaxation, the prime concern of sports massage is to prevent muscles from injuries and enhance the performance of athlete.

A combination of various techniques are used. Strokes are generally performed faster than in a Swedish massage. Stretching exercises are also done to loosen muscles and increase body flexibility. Massage therapist Toledo OH giving all type of massage with guaranteed results.


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