How to Do Furnace Maintenance for The Fall Season

Before the cold autumn nights set in, one should get their furnace checked. If you don’t go for the furnace maintenance and cleaning, the system will wear down quickly making you buy a new one within a short span of time. It is better to let a professional inspect your furnace but there are a few things which you can do yourself. This is because you cannot call a professional every now and then just to see if the machine is properly cleaned and running. For these regular maintenance routines, one needs to learn the basics of furnace upkeep.

Shut Down the System
Before you touch the system, it is extremely important to shut down the main electrical and fuel supply. You can find the power button near the furnace itself or somewhere at the top of the stairs. This will ensure your complete security while you touch the furnace and examine its different parts.

Clean the Combustion Chamber
Inside this chamber, the mixing of the fuel and the air takes place thus, water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon soot, and a number of other worse items are released here. One needs to make sure that they are safeguarded first and then should have the necessary equipment to clean it. Inspect the chamber for any possible signs of corrosion or for holes and if you think that the condition is worse, replace the cover.

Inspect the Fuel Pipe
There is a possibility of a leakage in the fuel pipe which can result in carbon monoxide being released from it. The small holes can easily be patched with the help of a foil tape especially at the point where the pipe and the furnace connect with each other. Do not let the chimney draw too much air because that can compromise the efficiency of your furnace.

Replace the Oil Filter
With the help of an oil filter, the small impurities which may otherwise clog the system are prevented from entering it. The importance of an oil filter should be taken seriously because if it is not changed on time, the result will be a complete shutdown of the system. Close the oil valve and replace the oil filter with the new one after a certain period of time because this will ensure the efficiency of your furnace. If you will keep using the old one, all the particles will keep accumulating.

Change the Air Filter
It is advisable to replace the air filter every year because everything your family is breathing is coming through it. So, if you want to ensure that your family stays in the best condition and there is nothing hazardous in the air in which they are breathing then replace the oil filter regularly.

You can perform minute tweaks to the furnace yourself but if there is some major problem, it is advisable to take the help from a professional who can resolve the matter for you in no time.


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