The Different Techniques Which Are Followed for The Liposuction Treatment

A liposuction is a treatment which breaks down and then sucks fats from the body. This procedure is most commonly carried out on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, arms, or back. A hollow instrument called a cannula is inserted under the skin and fat is sucked through it with the help of a high-pressure vacuum.

During the operation, the patient is given anesthesia and making him remain asleep throughout the procedure. The duration of the operation ranges from 1 to 4 hours. If the liposuction is to be performed on the lower body, the doctors opt for epidural and if liposuction is done on a very small portion of the body, doctors use local anesthesia.

The different liposuction techniques include:

Tumescent Liposuction

The area of the body which is to be suctioned is pumped with a lot of liters of a saline solution along with local anesthesia. The fat is then sucked out through small suction tubes. This type of liposuction is actually the most common one.

Dry Liposuction

This is a rarely used method because of the high risk of dangers which are involved in it. No fluid is injected inside before the removal of the fat and the chances of bleeding and bruising are relatively high. This process was used during the early days and is almost non-existent now because of its side-effects. The person who is undergoing the process also has to bear the excessive pain.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

This type of liposuction is also referred to as ultrasonic liposuction as the cannula is energized with the ultrasound in it. The fat which is inside the body is melted away with the help of this as the ultrasonic vibrations burst the walls of the fat. This makes it easier to suck out the fat from the body and is a good option for the fibrous areas of the body including the back and the male breasts.

It is very important to perform the suction-assisted liposuction right after the ultrasonic liposuction so that all the liquid fat can be removed easily.

Power-assisted Liposuction

The surgeon can easily pull out fat in this procedure with the help of cannula which follows a mechanized system and moves back-and-forth rapidly. This is an advanced form of the procedure and makes it easier to perform especially for the surgeon.

Laser-assisted Liposuction

This procedure also requires the use of the tumescent liquid and is far less bloody and invasive procedure as compared to the traditional liposuction. This process requires a microcannula to be inserted into the body through a very small incision. Less energy and heat are delivered into the subcutaneous fat and after the operation, the surgeon usually leaves the incisions open so that the excess blood and fat can drain from the body.

There are certain risks involved in this process but they are associated with the magnitude of the operation. Usually, if the surgeon is skilled and there are no complications, the patients remain pleased with the results.


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