Your car’s leaking lubricants: 7 warning signs you shouldn’t ignore!

There’re times when your vehicle give tell-tale signs of leaky engine lubricants which needs to be checked immediately by trained auto-mechanics. A driver might experience issues with the motor oil and various engine lubricants without even knowing and prolonged ignorance compromises safety of both the driver and the vehicle. Scheduling auto-detailing at these times would help professional technicians to check the vehicle and ensure the problem has been resolved ASAP. Here’re a few symptoms of possible trouble;

  1. Dark blotches on the ground

If the vehicle’s leaving behind dark greasy smudges while driving or even when it’s parked, there’s a possibility of engine leak which is letting the oil to drip. You may even note oily spark-plug wells and grease on different parts of the engine. It’s difficult at times to identify source of leak especially if your car’s parked in a busy lot. Delaying repairs can be costly so you should have these resolved only by professional Audi service in Dubai.

  1. Dense lumps on the plunger/dipstick

Engine oil when fresh is golden brown and as it age, it takes on a blackish shade which is actually due to absorption of by-product combustion alongside various contaminants. However, if there’re puddles of dense lump on the plunger/dipstick, it’s possible that engine’s developing some sludge. Have it treated by a trained mechanic before things get worse and your car breaks down on the road!

  1. Rusty spots on the ground

Either green or rust-like spots on the ground is a sign of leaky antifreeze; an essential lubricant which helps in keeping the engine cool. Remember that this particular lubricant is a serious hazard to pets and humans if they’re exposed to it somehow. This calls for immediate professional treatment which is crucial for vehicles safely and prevention from an overheated engine.

  1. Dirt & grit in the oil

If you haven’t replaced the engine oil for quite some time, there’d be persistent grit and dirt as you rub it against the fingers. These are bits of carbon that haven’t been filtered out properly eventually leading to a clogged oil filter which requires immediate change.

  1. The warning oil light

Your car’s engine prone to serious damage with a low oil pressure! Warning lights may glare for various reasons such as faulty oil pump, defective oil pressure or low oil level against the dipstick. Whatever the reason, take the car to the professional detailing immediately.

  1. Problems with the transmission

In case the engine’s giving strange noises or you feel a glitch in the transmission shifting mechanism, it’s a sure indication of a defective transmission fluid and its element of viscosity.

  1. A hotter surface

Smoke isn’t supposed to escape from the engine area but if the metal surface on top of the hood is significantly hot or you see bluish steam rising from under, there’s possibility of lubricant problem that requires immediate attention.


If your vehicle shows any warning signs from the ones listed above, don’t hesitate taking an appointment with a professional Audi service in Dubai.


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