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Psychotria viridis is an enduring bush of the Rubiaceae family. In the Quechua dialects it is called chacruna or chacrona. In Quechua, chaqruy is a verb signifying “to blend”. P. viridis is a nearby relative of Psychotria carthagenensis (a.k.a. samiruka or amiruca) of Ecuador.


The leaves vary by p.viridis having leaf edges that extend the distance to the base of the leaf stem Stems In the center and lower parts of the stem, arranged between the inclusion purposes of the two inverse leaves there is a flat scar 0.3–1 mm (0.012–0.039 in) wide that stretches out between the leaves (or leaf scars) and infrequently

likewise associates over the highest points of these scars, and along the top side of this scar there is a thick, normally hairy line of fine trichomes (i.e., plant hairs) generally 0.5–1 mm (0.020–0.039 in) long that are ruddy darker when dried.

This mix of components is indicative for some species in the family Psychotria, however not for any individual species. These components recognize Psychotria L. Subg. Psychotria; other subgenera of Psychotria do not have the all around created rosy darker trichomes embedded over the stipule scars. On the upper stems of P. viridis these elements are darkened by a stipule (see underneath), which covers the trichomes; the scar really denote the point where this structure has tumbled off.


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