3 Indispensable Tips for a Hassle-Free Buying of Second-Hand Vehicle

Buying a second-hand car isn’t always a walk in the park; it takes quite an endeavour and time to garner the right match. Buying a second-hand vehicle online or sight unseen is a different story. While it’s possible, you might have to evade a few pitfalls associated with the purchase of a second-hand car, including con artists, faulty vehicles, stolen cars, and other undesirable choices.

Well, you can visit a second-hand car dealer or auction, but going at it alone will give you the opportunity to bypass the middlemen and associated hefty costs. Also, you will have the chance to research good candidates. With over 70% of second-hand car buyers experiencing a raft of problems with their automobiles within the first few years, the odds are already stacked against you.

So, while buying a second-hand vehicle isn’t exactly curing cancer, these three crucial tips can help you avoid purchasing a lemon. Keep reading; you will be glad you did.

Do A Little Research

Finding an excellent car can help you get a bang for your money, but buying a ramshackle will give you endless headaches. That’s why it pays to know a little about your purchase. So, wear your investigative hat and do a bit of homework. To get a car that’ll fit perfectly to your needs, you may have to scour the internet, visit a few car auctions or even new-car dealership (a little window-shopping doesn’t hurt, right?)

The good news is that there’s plenty of online car review sites. Narrow down your search to a list of five candidates. With them, you can go further into the technical nitty-gritty – horsepower, torque, haulage weight, colour, size, model, and so forth. Even better, ask around; no shortage of friends or family know a thing or two about cars.

Do History Check

Here’s a no-brainer tip that can save you oodles of cash and headaches: perform a REV Check. This gives you a good historical glimpse of the vehicle, including whether it’s been damaged, written off, stolen, and other bad-for-you vices. Again, a REVS CHECK is your ultimate weapon to keep shoddy cars at bay. All you need is the vehicle’s VIN. And the best part: this government-sanctioned service is offered through personal property securities register.

Crosscheck the Cost

Although second-hand vehicles are a little cheaper, they’re still worth a lot to an average Australian. So, it’s imperative that you double-check that you’re getting value for your top dollar. You can check car review sites to compare the prices. Even better, a revs check report comes with a sales price comparison of cars in the class.


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